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I am a SAHM mom of a smart and it beautiful little girl. She was diagnosed with autism at about 18 months. She doesnt speak but expresses herself in other ways. I have the most amazing husband that has been there for me when times were at their worst. I also have an adorable chi-weenie and a very hyper dachshund and 2 cats. I love my little family they are my world.


My labor story

She has arrived. I went in on Tuesday September 9th at 8 am to be induced. I was already dilated to a 2 and 90% effaced. They started me on pitocin at 9 and I started having contractions.The dr came in at noon and broke my water I was dilated to a 3 by then. After he broke my water it got really intense. I got a shot of something to take the edge off at about 3pm. It didn't do much really. Labor was going nowhere, the dr checked me at about 6 pm and I was only dilated to a 4. I could hardly stand the pain anymore. I decided to get the epidural to get some rest. (yeah right) My contractions got worse after that. They only put my epidural to a 6 when they usually start it at a 10 because I told them I had a fear of not being able to feel my legs. I started dilating very fast. The nurse checked me at 6:20pm and I was already at a 6. She checked again at 6:30 and I was a 8 already. By about 6:40 I was ready to push. I pushed three times and she was out. Victoria Penalee, born September 9th, at 6:48 pm. She was 7 Lbs 8 oz, 18 1/2 inches. After they got her out they delivered the placenta. They found I had a piece of the placenta still in me. So they had to manually remove it, so I had the dr's arm up in my uterus because the stupid nurses had no idea where the tool he needs was. I started having a panic attack after the pain got really bad. So they gave me something that put me to sleep.They did a D & C on me. After an hour of them trying to free the piece from my uterus wall it came free. They took out a quarter sized piece of placenta and 2 golf ball sized blood clots. I lost a lot of blood so I had to stay in the hospital an extra day and get antibiotics and iv fluids.We got discharged this September 13th. The doctors are now telling me I have less then a 30% chance of being able to carry a baby full term and even less then that for the baby's survival. We have our daughter though and I thank God of that but I can not have any more and that makes me sad.

Update: I have been through several tests and scans and the dr said I am free to ttc. They said I have some scar tissue but Its not as bad as they thought it would be. It may be harder to concieve but they said thats the only thing i have to worry about that i have a good chance of having a normal pregnancy and labor

We have been ttc since april of 2014 and we had a miscarriage September 2015. We are hopeful for just one more child.