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I had an awesome home birth. Here's the link <a href=""></a>

Join us in the Tandem nursing and nursing while pregnant chat thread :D <a href=""></a>

I am a SAHM, I am passionate about natural birth, intactivism, lactivism, erf, and all sorts of crunchy hippy stuff. Mostly I believe strongly in women supporting and educating one another to make the best choices for their family.

I've been on BG since April 2007 and wasn't always very nice way back when. I've grown in so many ways over the last couple years. I am currently in school to be a childbirth educator so I can support mamas on their birth journey-whatever that journey looks like.

I haven't been posting lately because I don't want to be judged as the person I was before. I've decided to change my profile around and give myself a "fresh start" and put the gossip and drama behind me.