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Our Journey to our 3rd and most likely final baby!
Got my first BFP Saturday September 29th!!! Estimating due date around 6/8/2012
-Due to spotting and bleeding has a sono 10/16 - baby was measuring a few days small at 5w6d found a low heartbeat of 111. Doc is repeating sono on 10/30 to check on baby!
-Second Ultrasound on 10/30 baby looked great and heartbeat was up to 166. Failed glucose test have to repeat next week... yuck!
- Nothing much to document as of 11/26/12 our NT scan went perfect baby was wiggly heartrate was 158 running about the same that the boys always ran!
- Gender scan at 15 weeks 12/14/12.. ITS A GIRLLLLL!!!!

Well to our suprise when we went in for our two week blood draw after a miscarriage our hcg levels were up not down. After a long few weeks were officially pregnant and the baby has a heartbeat!!! Our precious little miracle is due July 24th, 2010, exactly 2 months before our first son will turn 2.

1/6/2010 - Heard his/her little heartbeat through a doppler, steady and strong in the 160-170 range! Sono in a week or two!

1/31/2010 - Found out baby lebon #2 is another boy! We are so excited! Although we cant decide on a name we are so excited kamden will have a baby brother!

2/26/10 - A little over 19 weeks and daddy got to feel baby moving around. He is def a busy body!

3/1/2010 - 20 Week check up and US. Ultrasound went greart, baby is still a boy and measuring about 5 days ahead. He was said to weigh 11 ounces and his heartbeat sounded nice and strong at 147. He was def preious although he would not move his hand out from in front of his face, guess he may be shy :-) a defchange from Kamden. We also decided on the name Paxton Andrew for our precious baby boy. Kam talks about the baby everyday, i can not wait for them to meet.

5/1/2010- Not many doctor updates i have been in and out of the doc with contractions but since i have switched jobs, less walking things are really settling down. The baby is growing like a weed and moving all the time. Only bad thing about this pregnancy is my heartburn, its possible i could die from it. Also we have decided to change our little guys name, he is now Drew Charles - acutally his name will acutally be Andrew Charles after his dad and great grandpas but since my husband goes by Andy,the baby will go by Drew. We also just had our 28 week 3d done and our baby boy is so precious! Can not wait to meet him. !

Found out October 2nd we are expecting our second baby to arrive around june 11th! More details to come... so excited!
And unfortunately found out October 18th we lost the baby! Sad, but it just wasnt God's timing. We are planning on waiting a month to try again!

Kamden* Scott*Lebon

So it happened! I gave birth to the most amazing little boy in the world! Sorry ladies but its true! He was born on September 24th, at 8:07 am. He was 8 pounds, 6 ounces, 21 inches long! He is truely a blessing! Labor was a tad rough, i had to be induced because my water ruptured the day before! I didnt however get an epi, which wasnt completely mychoice i just ended up missing the boat, because after my water finished breaking a i progressed for a 3 - 8 in about twenty minutes. Overall labor was rough but the easiest part was the actual pushing, i think its probably just because i knew he was getting to come, i was so excited to meet him! We decided on the name Kamden Scott, we wanted something not to common, but not off the wall either. I feel we picked a very strong, nice name. Anyway he just turned 3 weeks today and we are doing great. I love him to death, and daddy is adjusting very well also. I would have never imagined life would be this great as a small little family. Cant wait to see what the future has in store for the 3 of us!
I swear i am going to give birth to this little boy before i know it. All i can think about is rushing through everything, which is probably silly cause come October, im going to be wishing my little one would stay small. Def message me if you wanna talk, im pretty much addicted to this site now!

February 12th - 1st appointment. Very boring, took blood, and have a inner exam :-) (miserable) and the doc talked a little. Our next appointment is set for March 19, hoping to hear a heartbeat.
March 19th - Oh the joy of peeing in a cup! However we did get to hear the babies heartbeat for the first time, so excited. It was a whoping 168.

Our Sonogram specialist was amazing,if anyone lives in the MO, IL area let me know ill give you the place details because those people were amazing. She found our little boys goodies within like 4 seconds.Ahh he is so beautiful. Only 16 weeks so we couldnt make out much but he was movin all around and kick and waving and even looked like he was s*****g his thumb. I love him so much already!! So excited we're having a boy!

April 16th - Boring appointment..... Heard the hearbeat steady in the 150's. Doc registered him at 152. I love hearing my babies heartbeat, but that was all we had done.

April 24th - Sonogram!!! Yeah!!! We got to see our beautiful baby boy moving all around again! He is such a ham alredy, i love him so much. We got to see all his fingers and toes his heart pumping away, skull, spine, ribs. To my eyes he looked healthy, i just keep praying every night for a healthy baby! My belly is actually starting to grow a little bit too, i love knowing that my belly getting bigger means my baby boy is getting bigger!

May 13th - 20 weeks 1 Day Daddy finally felt his baby move. Kamden is getting so much stronger i can feel it so happy daddy can finally too!

May 19th- Just a regular check up,my weight is terrible aam putting it on like nothing else. Kamden just turned 21 weeks today and doc measured us between 21-22, great news he is getting big.Got our anatomy sonogram results back, everything came back perfect. Found out i have a low laying placenta, doc said no big deal hoping this means we will get another sonogram.Heart beat is still sitting at 152, took a little while to find it made me nervous,guess its just cause they are all bunched up now. Anyway our baby seems to be doing great, glucose test is next week... oh yeahhh that orange sugar water!

June 16th - Very short check up. I had my glucose test this morning, then i treated myeslf to a nice arbys crissant for breakfast.... afterwards of course.... it was amazing! I get my results back tomorrow so we will see. Then i have to go in and get my Rogam shot, not excited about that. However we are almost measuring 2 weeks ahead consistantly so im hopeing for a early baby and not a big one :-). Heartbeat was still strong and 148 and he has been moving like crazy! Ahhh i cannot wait to meet him! Next appointment is July 7th! Tests came back fine, although the the bruise lasted 3 weeks!!

June 7th - Ok so my doc really makes this entire pregnancy thing look super easy. My blood pressure was fine, didnt gain any weight in the lastmonth so thats good, also we are measuring right on target. Heart was a152, but he also counts manually and over the weekend the sonogram computer read it at 145. Regardless doc said if his heartbeat doesnt slow down he isnt going to have much of a p***s. Dont know what that means but it was funny! Next and last 4 week appointment isAug 4th!

August 1st - Appointment got moved due to my bh and wierd feelings in my legs. Although i was sure something wierd was giong on doc said we are good and nothing to worry about. However my blood pressue went up from 124/65 to 140/70 def something to keep an eye on. Also Kamdens heart rate dropped which i think is a good thing down to 137. Moving lots and lots these days but i can def tell he is running out of room, his movements are getting less rapid and harder and longer. Next appointment is Aug 22nd, and we have a sonogram on August 7th for a check up!!!!

August 8th - BABY SHOWER ...... i cannot wait to spoil my baby with tons of gifts! He is so special he deserves! I love him so much!

August 22nd - Well my doctor is a butt and i hate him. He is a skinny short man, and has no remose for letting pregnant women know how fat they are. Anyway baby is doing great, moving all the time, although i can tell he is getting squished. Heartbeat steady at 144. Blood pressure up again 145/80 starting to worry about that a small bit, but doc doesnt seem worried so i guess i cant be either. Last sonogram on the 7th, went good, he looks great, very smushed, he is measuring about 3 weeks ahead so im really worried he is going to be huge! Lets just pray he comes a week or two early! Ah im getting so excited to meet him.