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~~ Alexis ~~

Hey. My name is Alexis, I'm 25. I am living in hot California and am getting ready for my 2nd baby, a girl!! Ariana Jade <3

I'm a very outgoing person, I choose not criticize others. I'm pretty easy to get along with as long as you're not ignorant. I just want my family to be happy and for my son to feel loved and be well taken care of. I have been told many times, "That is the happiest baby I have ever met". So mission accomplished!

I left my son's father after 3 years of conflict. It was clearly not a healthy relationship. 2 years later I started dating my current SO after knowing him over 2 years and although times can be tough we are committed to sticking it out as long as it remains and beneficial joint venture. This will be his first baby and I know he is very excited.

+++ Alexander James +++

October 2009
Alexander is now 1 year old! He can crawl, walk, is starting to run. He is so much fun but is also a handful. He weighs 20.5lbs, and is 2 and 1/2 feet tall!

October 2011
He was Anakin Skywalker for this years Halloween!

October 2012
Alexander is now 4 years old and very independent but still loves to hang out with mom and Grandpa. He has a passion for Lego's and Hot Wheels. He is very very smart and cannot wait to start school next year. He is also very excited to meet his baby sister and share his toys with her (so he says now lol). He is going to be a pirate this halloween!

197517_122322944586417_1728285580_n.jpg*** Ariana Jade ***

My 2nd baby is due January 9th, and it's a girl!!! So now I will have my boy and girl.
She is a very active thing and constantly keeping me up all night. We can't wait to meet her! But we know she will come when she is ready :D