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happily married, happily pregnant, full time g*****c designer, part time photographer's assistant.

the story of how i found out:
well, my periods were all crazy, and i was wondering what the heck was going on.
my plan was to call the gynocologist the next morn.
but i thought (my mom told me i should take one), i'll just take a test that way when they ask me, "are you pregnant?"
i could say, with confidence, "no,i took a test on wednesday and it said no."
literally. thats why i took the test. just to rule it out.
then it said "pregnant"
it was digital.
they either say "pregnant" or, "not pregnant"
i did a double take. where's the "not"???
then i flipped out... which basically consisted of a laughing, crying histeria in which i asked God if he was serious right now.
but then i realized:
it was 9 pm and Dustin calls me every day at that time for his break.
i thought, "oh crap... i cant tell him this over the phone! ... i cant wait till he gets off at 11 ... i cant tell him over the phone ... maybe he wont call tonight."
"oh crap."
then i talked him into coming home because "i missed him" (not an easy task)
i think i did a pretty good job of not giving anything away.
he said he couldnt come home right then, but he'd be home at 10.
so i hung up with him, made a 20 oz. bottle of water (for peeing purposes), and hopped in the jeep to go buy another test.
i get to walgreens, and the song being piped in is, "oh, oh, it's magic"
i race home and take the other test.
so, i wait for him to get home.
im wearing a big hooded sweatshirt with a big pocket in front.
when he gets home, he heads straight for the bathroom... where the test boxes are sitting in the trash waiting to give me away.
i said, "wait! before you go in there, i need you to pick a hand."
i had a positive test in each hand, hands in the hoodie pocket.
he gives me a weird look and taps my right elbow.
i pull it out and hand it to him.
he takes it andlooks at it like it's from mars, then realizes what it is, then realizes what it says.
his face lights up like a kid on christmas morning.
he exclaims something, i cant remember what.
he takes me gives me this dancing, twirling hug that lasts a really long time.
we're talking and laughing through tears the whole time.
finally he pulls me back and earnestly asks, "are you sure?"
i pull out the other test and say, "yeah, im pretty sure!"
the rest is history.