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My son Brady was born October 11, 2007 and I love him to pieces! I was an elementary school teacher but left my classroom at the end of the school year when I was 6 months pregnant so I could stay home with Brady. During the summer when I was pregnant, I babysat full time for a family from the school I taught at because they had lost their live-in nanny. It worked out so well that 6 weeks after Brady was born, I went back to taking care of the kids with Brady with me! I now spend all morning with Brady at home, pick up the kids (now 6 and 8) from school around 2:45pm, do snacks/homework, drive to activities, make them dinner, and then head home with Brady around 6:30pm. It's a lot of fun, the kids all love eachother, and I actually make more than I did teaching. It can get hectic, but I love it! :)