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Kids 6

I'm a mom to 6 and proud of it!!!! Oh and lucky number 7 is on the way! This is it folks no more babies coming out of my body after this! I would love to have 8 but I plan on looking into adoption or foster care-time to share the love with someone who wants it.

My kids are great!
I try my best to give to provide them with a decent childhood loaded with fun memories,friends,activities,and love.

I however stress education to them...there is a time and place for fun but education first!

I've been married ever since I was 19 and have found the journey most interesting, and an mind blowing experience. I think you should have to do some form of training and have to take a test and pass- before you get married and have kids... You can really mess things up if your mind is not right!
Thankfully I have learned from others mistakes and always remember this is a "until death do us part deal." Marriage will really test who you think you are and make you really think about what are you doing to better the relationship..For me I have learned you just can't take you have to give- sometimes more than you want. But it has to be for the greater good! Trust me I know my husband has given for the greater good as well I and it makes us better. I don't know just does!

So with that said.......I love my husband....

I am a Virgo to the extreme! I love jazz music,the smell of the sand and ocean.


So I am a virgo to the extreme I love the sound of the ocean and the smell of sand.