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We are now expecting a little princess which will make her entrance on august 6, 2014. This was not planned but it is a blessing to us having 3 boys already in the house. My stepson Jordan now 11 yrs old jayden now 8 and julian 6. We have 2 boys together now our baby girl. 

Julian came into our lives on April 12, 2008 He weighed 4.8lb at 38+ weeks. Failed VBAC he had some complications but pulled through. He had a platelet transfusion which saved his life. We are so in love with him he's our little miracle.

Jayden was born on july 23, 2005 a month early and measuring 2 month's early weighing 3.5 pounds. So small and adorable he came into this world via c-section screaming his little tiny lungs out. Doctor said it's unusual to see such energy in such a small baby. They tried to bag him but she said no he was just fine. Love him to pieces.