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Age 39
Gender Female
Status Married
Location Texas
Kids 5
Anastacia "Stacie" and DH Scott are proud parents of

Joshua King [6/1998], Ruth Ann (7/2000),Hannah Renee (3/2005), and
Jonathan Paul(11/2007)and Elijah Scott(born 3/19/2010)

My husband and I have been happily married for 13 years. My husband is a Baptist Preacherandis pastoring a small country church, and is working as a bus driver, anda computer technicianfor the local school district on the side.

I am a stay at home mom that is currently homeschooling our5 wonderful children. Yes even the baby is learning things. They younger kids can't help but learn around here. :)

I like to do things as "naturally" as possible not discrediting modern medicine. I had all of my children (even my 4th child an 11 lb. baby!) naturally without epidural or any other form of medication.

I was induced with my 5th child and if I had it to do over I would have asked the doctor to let me wait a few more days. The doctor didn't want me to go to far beyond 41 weeks but I think I might haveactually gone into labor on my own withinthe next day or two without the induction and it would have been easier.This was the hardest delivery I've had yet even though he was smaller than my 4th child. I still was able to do it without epidural but I had a harder time with my normal pain management.

If anyone has questions on the natural approach to childbirth feel free to ask. I'll do my best to try to share my experiences with anyone that wants to know.