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Age 33
Gender Female
Status Married
Work SAHM and pt Photographer
Location Belleville, Ontario
Kids 3
I'm a full time mom, part time photographer and keeper of chickens. :) We have three gorgeous kids; Neil, Caleb ( Bob,) and Bethany ( Beans.) Neil was born in 07, Bob in 08, and Bethany in '10 so we're pretty busy! I'm taking in a friends little guy soon for day-care and he's 6 months older than my youngest.
All of my kids were born at home, and I loved it! :)

here's a video of pictures from my daughter's birth ,
don't worry, there's no "crotch shots"

I will not resort to name calling or harassing for anyone's choices or beliefs and expect the same maturity from everyone else. I am a Christian, doing my best to walk the talk.
I'm a HUGE researcher and you can bet any info I'm giving out will be from lots of learning and personal experience. I'm a big b/f supporter. I'm not keen on formula, but understand it's necessary place when needed. I'm pro-life. I think a natural birth is healthiest but try to be understanding of everyone's personal choices.
I'm cheap. I'm friendly. I wants whats best for my kids in everything.
I believe in the importance of family and good honest support systems.
I love my midwife and the care she's given me and hopes everyone has a practitioner who knows them and supports them.