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Hi, I'm Jacqueline! I'm the proud mommy of a one year old! His name is Vincent, and his birthday is on Halloween, which will definitely make him the most popular kid in elementary school!! He's really a good kid, but I swear he's a demon child sometimes. He's way too smart for his own good and can do almost anything after being shown how to do it once or twice. He's a chunker, too, at 24 1/2 lbs! He started walking around 11 months, and has recently decided to expand his vocabulary (which we can understand, at least) to mama/mom, dada, binky, spoon, car, dog, mine, and duck. He's obsessed with putting things in other things. If the laundry basket is out, all of his toys and the things he considers his toys (like our coasters or the random empty pop can he confiscates) get put into it! He's going to be the biggest handful in the world once he starts running, but as frustrating as he can be, I love him all the more for it!!