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I have wanted to update this about me page for a while now. I will start from the beinging...
My husband and i met on a online website i had just graduated out of high school and had gotten my first job at a daycare. My husband was in A- School studying to be a sonar tech and had gotten his first orders to mayport florida, on a ship he is a navy man... We got married in October 27th 2005. had our honey moon in seattle, We moved to florida i found out after spending christmas time with his family when we got to florida that i was expecting our first, Our baby girl came on October 4th 2006 weighing in at 7lbs 7oz and was 21inches long. We waited about two years to try to have another baby but that turned tragic when i miscarried, i found out i was pregnant with our second child on sometime of the last two weeks of march, i went in for my first ultrasound on march 31st that is when my doc discovered that there was no heartbeat my heart sank...... i had my D&C done April 4th..... i believe that baby was girl and i know in my heart it just wasn't her time..... The after math of all that just about destoryed my marriage my husband was blaming himself for the miscarriage i was hurting and blaming myself as well but somehow and by a mircle whome i like to name GOD and my best friend Dominque she taught me alot and how not to give up and how easy that it can be to give up but somehow she helped me and my husband pull thru that small tragic moment in our lives.......Then about three to four months after that i found out i was pregnant again and this baby was stronge and would never let me have any doubt that HE wasn't...... Our beautiful baby boy Javier Lazarous Rodriguez who is here with us, was born on April 10th 2009 he weighed 8lbs 13.6oz and was 22inches long...... so there it is now my baby is a month and two days old breastfeeding and healthy as an ox i just pray every night that God will protect my babies. I breastfed javier up until he was 13months old.
In now as of December 12th 2009 i tested postive for another pregnancy was waiting for my lil sister to have her baby boy which he wasn't born until the 15th and i wasn't feeling all that great in found out thru Bremerton Naval hospital ER that i was pregnant again and now expecting number 3 Hopeing and praying this one makes it too. Well my baby #3 made it we had a healthy baby girl on August 24th 2010 at 12:25pm she weighed in at 7lbs 3.4oz and 19 3/4 inches long. her name is Adela Marie Rodriguez.
My Labor Story with Adela
It was a very hard going labor went into labor at 3am on the 23rd with the help from my hubby if you all catch my drift. called my mom at 4am cuz i didn't want it to be a false alarm once i expressed to her how much pain i was in she drove us to the hospital which we don't live far from it is just down the road from us could have walked but i rather not have my baby decide to come out in the middle of the road lol... got to the hospital they were really quick about checking me in, hooked me up to all the monitors and we just waited to hear what was about to happen next if i was to have my baby girl or go home but by then i was in so much pain the doctor that was on call decided that i should be kept and cuz the contractions were very strong they checked me for dialation well i was only 2cm i was kept because my little Adela Marie was having a diffcult time with the contractions and her heart rate would drop dramaticlly and her movements were coming less freqently which also worried them they wanted me to eat some breakfast before the doc broke my water but i couldn't eat anything because when my body says its time that means no food for me but with the help from my mom i forced myself to eat. After that my doctor broke my water in i went to 4cm just like that i waited for while to get my epi until i could no longer stand the pain we waited one hour they checked me after that hour in was dialted 10cm in i was given the go to push my beautiful angel out it took me about 5pushes and she was out screaming, later my doctor came in and told us that my daughter was having a diffcult time in the womb because her placenta was old in was already cutting oxygen and blood supply to her which i had no idea that could happen i was getting alot of ultrasounds by my doctor but he never once said that he was concerned about the placenta. the past few days before she was here i got alittle freaked out that her movements were slowing down but other then that she was moving just fine never would i have guessed that she was having any diffculties. We all Thank God everyday that she made it here safely... Loving every minute with her...<3....

Well we had eventful last 6months, it started in october, the short story is my children and i living in a shelter i am going to school and i am dissolving my marriage.... so 6yrs of marriage is down the drain. so much has happened that i don't want to put down on here, but the Good news is i am happier my kids are happier and we are moving on with the rest of our lives Thanks to Gods blessings.
My three babies with lil surprize below.