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My name is Brianne, I have a wonderful boyfriend named Jeff. We live in New York. We welcomed our amazing little boy into the world on July 30th, 2010. he was a week late so I had to be induced, and after 18 hours later i had to have an emergency c section. He was born at 1135pm, and was 9lbs 15oz, and 21 3/4 inches long. He is perfect in everyway! On February 2, 2014 we took a few pregnancy tests and found out we are expecting number 2! 


baby development



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November 17 2009- Took 2 home pregnancy tests both had 2 pink lines

November 18, 2009- Took another pregnancy test in the morning 2 lines =]

November 18, 2009 went to the doctor to confirm pregnancy! EDD 7/23/10

December 22 First DR appointment. 

January 7th- went for blood work 

January 9th Morning sickness is pretty much gone!! YAY =]

January 20th Prenatal Visit. Got to hear Peanuts heartbeat for the first time. =]

February 23rd Prenatal heart beat was 144

March 4th The BIG Ultrasound... IT's  A boy!! 

March 23rd hearbeat 140 very active

may 11 went for glucose

July 29th- prenatal apponitment decided to induce me. went in at 8:30pm

July 30th after 18 hours of labor had an emergency c section and finally got to see my handsome boy<3 9lbs 15oz21 3/4 inches


baby development

February 2, 2014 Took 2 at home pregnancy tests a first response and an 88 cent walmart one. Both Had two pink lines =]

February 3, 2014 took another first response first thing in the morning. two pink lines 

February 5th i had one pregnancy test left so i took it lol two pink lines =] 

February 12th Went to the Doctor to Confirm pregnancy EDD: October 8, 2014 =]

March 17th Went for a ultrasound b/c I was in pain. Changed due date to October 12, 2014 =] Everything looked great. Zachary was so excited to see baby!

March 19th- Heard HB on home Doppler  142

March 24th- Dr appointment got to hear lil ones hb and saw lil one  changed due date to October 9, 2014  ** scheduled my BIG gender ultrasound for April 24

April 2nd Felt what felt like baby doing a flip. 

April 3rd- Went to get blood work done

1355610069.1750.1769569197.png I LOVE to meeet new people! If your going to add me to facebook at least tell me your from BG. otherwise i'll deny you. and its also helpful if we talk before so i know who you are

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