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Well, here's my story :)

I'm 23 years young expecting baby #4! I met my husband when I was 15 years old. He was 17. We fell madly in love <3 and ended up married 6 months later (yes I had to get my parents to sign, they weren't happy, but did it anyways). So by then that puts me at 16 years old and Will at 17, we were married at 8am December 1st 2005! We moved into our first home in January 2006. Then on February 27, 2006 we found out we were expecting our first child EDD November 6th 2006! We decided to find out the gender.. It was a BOY! The pregnancy was perfect besides all the weight I gained :o He decided to make his grand entrance to the world on November 2, 2006 at 7:15am 6lb 10oz &19 inches long. He was PERFECT!! Seth Mitchell, is what we decided to name him! We were so happy to be parents, even though ridiculed for being so young. The first year flew by and before we knew it he was 1! Then, about a month later did we find ourselves sitting and waiting for the results on a EPT... January 1st, 2008.... it was POSITIVE! Despite the initial fear and worry we were very happy to be expecting again. I can't say that for our families but we didn't really care, they said our marriage wouldn't last at that point we had just passed our 2 year anniversary! Well I scheduled my first appointment and was ready to go when my husband lost his job and we no longer had insurance.... weeks went by, I took my prenatal vitamins and took care of myself, the morning sickness was absolutely horrendous with this pregnancy, (I didn't experience it with my first pregnancy). I noticed I was showing much sooner than with my first, but was told by family that it was normal to show sooner so I just brushed it off... My hubby on the other hand kept joking that I was pregnant with twins!! Well the hubby's new insurance finally kicked in and it was April 14th by this point. My first appointment I told the Drs I wasnt sure how far along I was exactly so they said they wanted to do a quick scan with the ultrasound machine.. I was laying there and the woman turned the screen to me as she was scanning my belly and I could see the flicker of the heartbeat.. then I was confused because I thought I saw another... she looked at me and her eyes got wide.. and said to me "Do you see what I see?" I laughed and said yeah it kinda looks like two babies.. haha... she said I believe it is Amanda... HOLY SHIT not only was I 19 weeks and 3 days into the pregnancy I was having TWINS!!! I turned ghost white and my jaw hit the floor.. how could my husband have been right?!?!? Well he chuckled at the news and then the panic set in.. "how are we going to afford 3 children?!". Well the worry dwindled away and the joy was contagious! 1 week later we went to the ultrasound appointment to find out the genders... TWO GIRLS!!! I was ecstatic! I was pushed to another Dr. due to being "high risk" and went to an appointment every week! My next 2 appointments went well, my weight was ok, the babies were growing like they should and everything was looking good. Well I went in for my 23 week checkup and was getting my belly scanned and the tech had a strange look on her face and jerked the screen from me.. I immediately went into a panic... what wrong ?!??! She asked me to take my clothes off from the waist down so she could do a trans-vaginal ultrasound... she stepped out and got the Dr. while I stripped down. The Dr came in and started to probe me, I was in tears at this point because no one would tell me what was going on! Finally he said, "You have started to dilate, you are 4cm and fully effaced" I started crying harder.. what is going to happen to them they are too tiny to survive now. He told me to calm down and everything was going to be okay, they were going to move me over to the hospital (right next door) and I would be on bedrest until further notice. Everything was happening so fast my head was spinning.. I was shipped over and changed into a gown and then they were poking me taking blood giving me antibiotics and steroid shots. It was a scary time for me. I was on total bedrest so that meant no getting up at all.. yeah, I had to be sponge bathed and use a bedpan, it was so embarrassing!! The time was hard being away from my son and rest of my family, but it's what had to be done to keep my girls in there. I was monitored every day for 2 hours and got steroid shots to help the girls lungs mature and before I knew it I had been there almost 5 weeks. On June 8th, 2008 at 27 weeks 4 days I started contracting that morning. The nurse gave me a pill to stop labor and put me on the heart monitors to listen to the girls... labor stopped and they were doing good. That evening after I had dinner, I had to pee so I propped my huge self up on the bedpan to tinkle and went to wipe and felt something.. I quickly moved the bedpan so I didnt spill pee all over my bed and my heart started pounding... What was that, I reached down again and screamed! I pushed the call button a million times and screamed for my nurse.. My babies are coming OUT! The nurse that was there that evening was a bit of a b***h and just looked at me.. she threw back my gown and pushed my legs apart and said "I dont see anything".. I was pissed, I quickly replied with "Well put a glove on and feel for yourself!!" She did and immediately went to find a Dr. Some fella came in I'd never met before and told me to lay back so he could check me, so I've got him in my crotch, a nurse on my arm trying to put in a fresh IV and I'm crying like a crazy person because I'm all alone then the Dr says "We've got OR 1 prepped for another mother but were gonna take you back right now and get these babies out!" I was like WHAT?! Why cant I just push?? He proceeded to tell me my cervix might go into shock due to being open for so long and clamp shut during my pushing and they didn't wanna chance it.. Everything was happening so fast I was being rolled out of my room until I screamed I need to call my husband and my mother!! I got to call and let them know what was going on... in moments I was being lifted onto the OR table and my arms were being strapped down, I could feel the cold iodine being rubbed all over my belly and then some nurse just shoves in a catheter.. OUCH! The anesthesiologist was in my face asking me a zillion questions and they started to give my oxygen.. in the background I could hear the nurses saying they cant find baby B's heartbeat and then I feel a burning in my arm.. I spoke the words "Ouch that burns" and I was OUT! They put me to sleep!! I was all alone and they put me to sleep to do a csection!! I woke up to my favorite nurse standing beside me with my pink camera filled with pictures of my new baby girls :) they were both ok. They were both on ventilators and in the nicu being taken care of! I was so glad just to know they were both alive. My family was waiting for me to wake up, no one has seen the girls or knew any of the "stats" yet... I got to tell them at 7:03pm Shyanne Mae was born 2lbs 5oz and 14 inches long, and at 7:05pm Skylar Marie was born 2lbs 5.9oz and 15 inches long. Both girls had lots of dark hair! It wasn't until 3am June 9th, 2008 I got to meet my girls <3 they were the smallest things I'd ever seen in my life. I was so afraid. Well since I've practically already written a book I wont go into every detail of the nicu for the twins but I will tell you it was a roller coaster ride for sure. Lots of ups and downs and scary moments and tests of faith.. They came home 8 weeks and 4 days after they were born, August 12, 2008 was one of the best moments in my life. Our family was complete, we were all together at last!! I'm sure some of you are thinking.. hmmm why didn't she get fixed then.. well the answer is simple, the Dr. who did my csection said he didn't recommend a tubal ligation at that point with such tiny preemies.. so I agreed to wait. Well here we are 2012, expecting another girl, EDD November 7th. Savannah Michelle made her grand entrance on November 9th 2012 @ 5:12 p.m. She was 7lbs 6oz & 20inches long. Shes beautiful and perfectly healthy <3 Everything a mother could ask for!! My heart is filled with so much joy. We are now a family of 6!!!