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My name is Joanna. You can call me Jo.
I am 20 and graduated from college with a associate degree in Show Production. I work at House of Blues in Orlando and travel all over to do concert and corperate work (I set up the show so you all can enjoy it). I AM A ROADIE! My daughter was born December 11, 2008. My boyfriend and I are in love with our little Chloe Bee.

IMG_0804.jpgI am a peaceful person, and everything I talk about is based off of my own experiences. The women on this site I know personally are amazing!

Vegetarian.. slowly becoming raw vegan, I believe in: Organic/Green Parenting, Baby-Wearing, Cloth Diapering, Bed-Sharing, Co-Sleeping, Breastfeeding, and Vaccine Delaying! But I will not fight you or argue if you believe in something different. P.L.U.R.

I am trying to get my website off the floor, RawBabies.

rOh1m4.pngI Sit on BabyGaGa and do this:

I have a myspace:
I have a journal:


p.s. I am just another bitter, "field gutted" (aka c-sectioned) mama.