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blue1.jpgtracmom2jack.pngI gave birth to my son Jack, naturally with no drugs November 10, 2008. We are officially done breastfeeding; we made it to 14 months and I'm super proud we made it that far, but I'm definitely glad we're done. I'm going to school for jewelry design,and I love anything that has to do with art. I have massive amounts of pictures of Jack below, so if you would like to be overwhelmed with adorable-ness, scroll down.

dogdogard20081110_-7_Jack+is.pngJack Rylan Ouzts - 5 minutes old
l_4be4cd0e30de41429595a0a54512f1e9.jpgMe and Jack - our first few days

Jack and his Daddy

Milk Face!
l_16546077f2f043e7b82f41e2152dc264.jpgJack's 2 month professional pictures

Jack and his brother Killer
01-07-09_1606.jpgOne of Jack's many crazzzy faces
02-03-09_0133.jpgJack's new hat
jackisacutieinahat.jpgJack's 4 month professional pictures0043.jpgMy little man
lolbaby.jpgMy boy looooves his groceries
thrilled2eat.jpgCry, cry baaaaby
crycrybaby.jpgJack rockin' mama's sunglasses
rockinthesunglassesdude.jpgJack's 7 months old professional pictures
jack7.jpgJack playing in the yard with me - notice the 2 teeth!grassybaby.jpgThats right! 9 months and still breastfeeding!
mmmboobie.jpgMe and Jack face
meandjack9.jpgJack's first kiss <3
jacks1stkiss.jpgOui Oui!!!
09-04-09_1728.jpgIn the car and crackin up
08-23-09_1917.jpgHaving a blast in the tub!
bath5.jpgThat's right! He's a walkin fool!
10-01-09_1857.jpgHe's the only guy for me.
09-25-09_1612.jpgJack's 1 year old professional pictures
0051.jpgMy baby isn't a baby anymore!
11-14-09_1646.jpgBirthday with Daddy
11-08-09_1401-1.jpgFeeding the ducks at the park... or feeding himself rather
11-11-09_1546.jpgMy serious swinger
11-11-09_1604.jpgGetting cold in south texas. Finally.
11-16-09_1656.jpgMy silly boy cheesing it in the tub
11-19-09_2058.jpgJack in his big boy car seat
11-15-09_1355.jpgWe made it!!! ONE year and STILL breastfeeding!
11-07-09_1244.jpgJack and Gunnar, my best friend's son
11-20-09_1530-1.jpgBitter Beer Face!
bitterbeerface.jpgHe got stuck in between the couch and play pen..
stuck2.jpgGOOD morning mommy!!!
goodmorningjack.jpgHis Valnetines Day pictures (15 months old now... when did that happen!)jack15months2.jpg