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Hi, my name is Jeni and I'm 26 years old..I have 2 little girls. My oldest is Nevaeh she is 5 years old and my middle child is Mia who is 4 years old . Anyways first time when I got pregnant ...I knew I was pregnant with a girl because I had that feeling and I was right it was a girl......second time around not really so much I thought I was having a boy but I was wrong. Yes I'm not married nor am I in a relationship, I was in a relationship when I got pregnant with Nevaeh...he walked away on that one....second time this time I was raped and I decided to keep the baby which turned out to be another girl which her name is Mia. Well my dream was to get married and everything and then have kids but it never turned out that way. Oh well I'm going to make sure me and my daughters have a good life.

I also had my son Everett who is now a 1 year old boy. I also love him to pieces. I would do anything and everything to make sure my children happy.