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My babygirlwas here early!The4th ofJuly to be exact. She was born at 3:54 AM at 5lb 1oz and 19.25in. She was healthy no problemscame home 2 days later. Her mommy on the other hand no so much. I had preeclampsia and thats why I had her early so it was an induced labor. Ihad a long labor and did get an epideral which ended up wearing off before pushing time came.It worked for the middle of my contractions so ifelt the beginning and end. We ended upgetting her out in about 3 pushes. ThenI ended up having to go back after being home one day and it was the worst thing.I was back in the hospital for 3 days because my bloodpressure was so high and it caused a pain in the middle of my chest that made it hard to breath and sleep. I had to miss my baby's first few days home, doctors appointment, and all the other little firsts and it hurtso bad. But now were both good and healthy and I love everything about it.