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Kimalaya Marie is now 2 years old! It is hard to believe two years have gone by so fast! Joseph is now here!!! We welcomed Joseph into our family June 10th 2011. We are so happy and feel our family is completed.
This is the love of my life Jay. We have been married 1 year and I couldn't have picked a better daddy for our daughter and future child! He never ceases to amaze me as we change and grow together.


I believe it is a mothers right to follow her instincts and what is right for her and her family. I follow my instincts by child led weaning breastfeeding, co-sleeping, child wearing, vaccinating on time, circumcising (if I have a son), and baby food making. I believe that parenting is something that has to be flexible with the child and that sometimes we have to do things we never originally planned on at all. I talk to my child as I would talk to older children because I believe she is an intelligent human being who has always been able to understand me on some level. I believe in not comparing my child to others she has her own pace and thus far that pace has been perfect. I think my child is more entertaining then television and has taught me how to look at the world in a new way and I adore her for it. I plan on raising my future babes the same way. I do not judge others on how they want to raise their family. Because your instincts are not the same as mine and I respect that. So please no judgment on how I raise mine.