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Age 33
Gender Female
Status Married
Work registered nurse
Location Tennessee
Interest reading, knitting, movies, loving on my husband and sweet son
Kids 49
Due Feb 20, 2013 (boy)
Hi! I'm Brandi, an RN from Tennessee. We have a little boy Nolan Michael, born 7/30/09. I had a miscarriage/blighted ovum/empty sac in May 2008 and in January 2012 both at 8 weeks pregnant and one at 12 weeks in July 2011. Then, was diagnosed with mthfr (methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase mutation) in both genes. Was then put on B6, B12, 4mg folic acid, baby aspirin, and neevo (special prenatal vitamin) while ttc.

March 2012 - diagnosed with factor V Leiden

My current meds: levothyroxine, baby aspirin, folic acid 4mg, b6, b12, neevo, vitamin d, calcium + d, lovenox injections to prevent clots