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I'm a 23 year old mom and I can't tell you how excited I am! This baby was DEFINITELY unexpected. I knew I was pregnant from day 1, but didn't find out for sure until the end of January. The father and I had already stopped seeing each other, and after I contacted him, we decided that keeping this baby wouldn't be a good idea. The day of my appointment to end it, I started spotting. I spotted and cramped for 3 days, finally passing a large clot on Valentines Day. A week later I saw my ob/gyn and he felt me up and said that my uterus was small, my cervix closed, and yes, I had probaby passed it.

I was sad, but also sort of relieved that I wouldn't have to be the one responsible for ending it. I went on birth control and an antidepressant. Two weeks later, my blood pregnancy test came back positive, but my doctor assured me it was probably still reading positive because my hormones were still high when they took my blood.

28 days after beginning my birth control, I didn't get a period. I waited a week for it... nothing. It took some balls but I finally got a pregnancy test.... positive. I took another one. Positive. I called my doctor, who still stubbornly insisted I had probably had an 'incomplete miscarriage'. So I scheduled an ultrasound.

I'll never forget the moment they put the scanner thing on my tummy. Instead of bits and pieces of an incomplete miscarriage... there was a teeny tiny miniature person in there, waving at me frantically. I screamed and started crying. The doctor said I was measuring 13 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

The father and I are attempting to be civil, but as of right now, he's under the mistaken impression that he should be allowed to bring his girlfriend along to the hospital when I deliver. So long as he keeps up that line of thinking, I don't know how civil things will be.

I found out during week 17 that I am carrying a beautiful and HEALTHY little baby boy. During Week 28 I finally decided on a name for him... Talon Nicolai Rael.

I'm very excited about this pregnancy!!!
(check it out, i have my ultrasounds filmed and posted on my page!)