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prod_710_19455.gifweddinghearts5124034190.jpg Hi, I'm Sara an italian girl of 24 years ..... I'm not very able to write in english... sorry ;)
I was born at only 29 weeks of gestation!!! I weighed only 1290gr at the birth sooooo little!
I have a lot of disease :? :
1) Multiple Sclerosis RR - MS - since june 2009 at only 22! :(.... it was a terrible discovery.
Here you can better understand what it is I have stopped my MS therapy (COPAXONE) on march 2011, before start trying to conceive.
2) Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in my left ovary -PCOS-, and Micro Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in the right ovary -MPCOS-, fortunately I ovulate each month :D the only sides effects are acne and sometimes a little bit longer menstrual cycle.
For those problems I take Inofolic, and Duphaston.
3) Thalassemia Minor from the birth, here in Italy it's called Anemia Mediterranea but isn't serious disease!! Would be grave for my children if they were conceived with a man with my same gene, but it will never happen because I'm married with a healty man. :D
4) MTHFR mutation in heterozygosity... this mutation cause high risk of heart attacks, strokes and cardio circulatory problems apparatus, and especially a major cause of miscarriage during all 40 weeks of pregnancy :(..I take a daily high dose of folic acid 10mg, which reduces the problem.
Every time I travel by plane I do injections of heparin, and also during the whole pregnancy I have to do the same thing.

Andrea is my hubby, he's 31 years old.
We are in relationship from 15 november 2005 and we live togedher in our apartment in Turin (Italy) from 24 july 2008.
Our wedding day it was 15 may 2010!!!
We will be parents for the first time on April 18th 2012!!!

I'm a baby gaga member from Apr 16th 2008!!!
If u wont to know me or other infos, u can parentank me ;) .

Kisses fron Saryweddinghearts5124320908.jpgan1cviH0g410010Mjg1ZGx6fDY5NzkwNWxqYXxTYTechno.jpgA mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside... when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.