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A little bit about me....
My name is Natalie-Marie..everyone calls me Nat, I'm 22 years old and was born and raised in an average sized town just outside of London.UK. I grew up with my mum, my dad and my brother in a middle class home. I passed all of my exams in senior school but i chose to move abroad at the age of 18 and marry my husband and begin a family.
Imhalf maltease, my mother is a native from Malta, Im very much in touch with my roots as i feel its important to know where you are from and what blood is running through your veins.
I have mousy brown hair, green eyes and i stand tall at 5ft 8in. Im chatty, friendly, sensitive at times, bitchy at times, feisty at times lol but overall i enjoy anyones company and I love meeting new people as life goes on. I'm a stay at home mum which is great for me, it can be stressful but i know deep down i couldnt find any job like this :)

The husband....

This is my lovley husband. His name is Daniel. He is a turkish national born into a kurdish family. He is 1 of 15 children..yes you read right 15 children. Daniel is 11 years my senior,
but he acts 11 years my junior all of the time! However he is a warm hearted, generous, hard working and loving husband and father. Daniel is my best friend, my soul mate, my lover he just my everything. Yes, we argue and we have many many differences, probably more than the average couple due to culture too. But we have worked through problems together and we are a solid married couple.



And this is the little miricle that we made...

This is Adam. Born on 31st December 2008 at 14:38 and weighed in at 8lb 12oz.
He is the light of my life, a very wild and stubborn little character. Its very rare that Adam crys, a majority of the time he is exploring, playing or laughing at something. To me he is the most beautiful baby in the world and im so proud to say I'm his mum and i created him. Adam is a daddy's boy and is quite possibly a clone of some sort! He has the same temprement and look very much alike. I dont remember a time when i look at Adam and dont see his Dad there. Adam has opened up my eyes to what love really is and, i know its always said by every mum, i could never imagine loving another human being like i love my child. I live for this little life i and i would die for this little life x


This is Jacob born 12th May 2010 at 5:45am and weighed 7lb 4oz.
Jacob is the quieter one out of the boys, he likes to do things for himself he is fiercly independant for his age. If you try and make him do anything he doesn't like he will put up one hell of a fight. His blonde hair and blue eyes shocked most people considering his Dad is Kurdish, he clearly took most of his genes from my side of the family :)