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This could use some serious updating lol I'm the mother of three kids, almost all the way out of diapers now, which boggles my mind, seeing as that hasn't been the case in almost nine years. My two year old was my miracle baby. His being alive is still the most amazing thing to me, no matter how much he can drive me nuts at times. My water broke at 20 weeks with him and I carried him to 39 weeks. That does NOT happen frequently, if it ever really happens at all.

My oldest turned eight on Halloween. He is my little shining light. Everything he does is with genuine heart. He's giving and listens well. His teachers have all loved him and his last conference I went to his teacher looked at me and told me "He's just a really great human." That is a huge compliment. It's great hearing about how smart he is and that he is always ahead or right on target. But hearing I've raised a good human being is the ultimate compliment in parenting.

My middle child, Savanna, is my only daughter and the biggest pain in my ass :-) lol I have a vastly different relationship with that one. I can imagine one fine day there will be a closeness between us that only we can share as mother and daughter and friends. But before we get to that point, she will hate me passionately. She's only four, almost five, but she's hell on wheels and stubborn as a mule. She's fiesty and beautiful. She's intelligent and quick witted. She's amazing but gives me a run for my money. I love her to death. I love them all just so much.

Beyond being a mother I am a writer, a photographer, and a singer. Those are the top three things I do when I'm not working. I enjoy karaoke immensely. I write when I get a chance to. But photography is my most recent hobby of choice. I can do it anywhere and don't have to take a time out to actually get it done. I just pack the camera and it goes where we go. I love it.
I've also decided to start selling some of my photos for the purpose of decor. Or whatever people would like to do with them, really. Making a little extra money can't hurt, plus I'd love for to love those pictures as much as I do. So, if you're ever in the need for new art on your walls, I have a vast arrangement. And I'm even willing to go out and take a few shots that are meant solely for someone's home and no one else's. I just love doing what I do.

That's me as far as I can think right. If you've made it this far through reading, bravo! I can go for days lol