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Im back and bigger than ever literally!! lmao

Just found out today we're expecting our second child!! Getting excited!! Im looking forward to a happy and healthy pregnancy!! :)

This is my second pregnancy. I've previously had a miscarriage so for now trying to stay positive. Im 24 and feel a little unprepared and scared but most of all happy!! My family is extremely excited and my bf is trying to come around as this was a shock to him!! but in the end we are both very happy!! My lil bean for now is named AJ, Alexia for a girl and Jr. for a boy. Im still looking for a middle name for my Alexia, so if u have any ideas please let me know.

-5/5/08 2 home pregnancy test came back positive
-5/6/08 Went to free clinic to confirm I was pregnant
-5/23/08 First dr.'s appt I was suppose to be 7 wks and they moved it back a week
-7/1/08 My insurance goes into effect!!! YAY!!!
-7/9/08 Second prenatal appt!!! I can't wait to see my AJ again with daddy!!!