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Im addicted to swagbucks.com you pretty much use it as a google but get points for it that can be redeemed on anything i plan to use mine for amazon gift cards that will be credited to my account on amazon! and the amount might sound like lots but adds up fast!!!

the name is

I blw out my candles on june 29th!

When i was 15 years old me & my fiance where young and didnt really know all that much about birth control or being parents or anything really for the matter! Yes we were mature, for our age [ hes was 17] but not mature enough or stable enough to raise a child! [ we had our OWN house and money well he didc onsidering i wasnt able to work since i was only 15!] Even tho we were all those things we where going to keep our child and raise it and do the best we could and do our best that we had to offer! Wellgod knew as well as we did that it just wasnt right or fair to this child that was inside me! So god took him or her when i was 13weeks pregnant! on 2.12.07
our angle was due september 5th ,2007 she would have been 1 year old and a little over 6 months now! I was so hurt and anger with god for giving me that blessing and then taking him/her away from me so fast! but in time ive become wiser and stronger and realized it was for a reason!
&& know the ironic part

On june 29th [ my b-day] I found out i was 8 1/2 weeks pregnant! i was so scared because i didnt know if i was going to lose my child again! my first ultra sound my fiance couldnt get off of work his boss gave him the option work that day or be fired[ he had to keep his job we needed it for our child!] so i ended up going with my SIL! i was so scared i had all these questoins racing threw my head" what if the sacks empty" "what if theres no heart beat" "what if this and that" when i got there i saw my little bean moving around on the screen just going everywhere!! [ that day they didnt let me hear the heart beat] so at my next check up i had all the scares as at the ultra sound this time my fiance was there making it much easier for me! When i was 14 weeks pregnant i was told my child was going to die that i screened positive for trisomny 18! I refused to let myself get excited about this pregnancy until i was about 22 weeks pregnant and changed doctors and found out that my child was healthy and that my blood work hadbeen mixed up with another person and that my child didnt have trismony 18! september 17th i found out i was having a little girl!

&& now

Im a proud mother to a little girl named Khloe! She was born 2.13.09! I went into labor on my duedate 2.12.09[ same day my angle baby went back to heaven]& at 1:35 pm the next day she was here! I was in labor for 16 hours! And in the end of it all my daughter was 6 pounds 2 ounces & 19 inces long!

khloe & daddy idk if he was happy or just laughing but i love this picture167196_1533667107036_1395566838_31178669

Khloe & my Bestfriend



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