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Hi friends lol so my name is Mayra n im 19 turning 20 pretty soon.....I am married to a 28 soon 29 year old guy his name is Carlos uh we don't have the finest relationship but i mean who does lol.......I like to speak my mind if u are having problems i love to help i listen n give good advide(i think)lol i just have a couple of good friends for some reason girls just like to talk shit about me don't know y honestly......i love ppl n the world some times i get really depressed but i think it comes from the traumatizing childhood :(.... well if u like to talk im here n hope u guys can be there too....oh yeah and this is my first pregnancy n im due august 13 :)e97c8df9d0895bba948d02c088b31ab5.gifsc001098d3.jpga281e5123f1990d31bd21a350bbb36cf.gifIMG_0114-1.jpg