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I'm a 24 year old Mental Retardation case manager. We have been TTC for over two years now with 4 losses. Hoping to see a sticky BFP soon....

09/07- Start TTC
04/08- BFP!!!!

05/26/08- confirmed M/C. no d&c needed

7/08- insurance company considers M/C a pre-existing condition. Having to pay for my m/c out of pocket.Will not pay for me to see the doctor. If I have another m/c I will have to pay out of pocket again.

11/24/08- Finally get to see my OBGYN for annual pap- going to ask lots of questions and try to get on some fertility meds.

2/28/09- BFP on first response. Dark enough to see without taking the test apart or holding it up to the light!

3/09- chemical pregnancy

5/09-miscarriage at 6 weeks
6/09- chemical pregnancy



5/18/10- appointment with infertility specialist for a complete infertility workup. Will post the results and as soon as we get them. <3 yall!!

10/18/10: AF :cry:
10/18/10: Found out that my insurance covers IUI and IVF!!! :)
10/19/10: Appointment with gyn: script for second round of clomid and prometrium, Referred to Fertiltiy Center
11/01/10: Initial Consult with RE at Fertility Center

1/2011- Moving onto IVF
1/28/2011- BFP!!!!!!
2/4/2011- 1st beta- 96
2/9/2011- M/C :(