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11u8f9z.jpg548138_387085648006930_432960547_n.jpg111sc9t.jpg♥ello =] My name is Monet &dd I am 20 years young. I have been a babygaga mommy since 2008 and can personally say I would NOT have made it without the helpful advice of the wise mothers of baby gaga. I feel like what one recieves should also be given so I am willing and ready to help any other new mommies. I am a cool person and I love meeting other new mommies and expecting mommies. I have tons of advice to give and to learn so feel free to write me whenever. I love conversation and random PT's:D

wc1h6t.jpgf355bb.pngwelcomemamaz.jpg5vsjgh.jpgSo I felt it was best to let you know the Monet my friends have learned to love.Before I became pregnant I was a part~time model and aspiring actress. Im a very goofy girl but I dont take kindly to a*****es. I'vevery respectful but I feel to getrespect you must give it. You must treat others the way youwant to be treated and morals that you learn in life &dd actually practice it was defys the type of person you willbecome. I dontto much care about what people say about me being a teen mother. I feel everything happens for a reason &dd god knowseverything that is going to happen before it does.My baby is a blessing and I feel who ever has something to say about that can kiss my ass and take it up with god. I have no patience for ignorance...&dd if you are here for the drama dont even waste your time because I dont have the time for it and could give a flying f**k about your opinions. Now, with that saidletme sayI am one of the realest people you will ever meet, muah =]. Im a great advice giver and like I said before im very goofy and love making new friends but I hate fakeness so please dont approach me if you consider yourself as such. I am here on Bg to learn new things, meet mothers like me, and to get and give advice. I love random pts ♥ &dd I would love to have a BG BFF lol. Any more info feel free to PT or PM me.

My boyfriend Kelvin is not Jaleiahs biological father. But he is the only father she knows. He loves her like no other and I feel so blessed to have a man like him by my side. His heart is as pure as his soul and he not only does a great job raising Jaleiah but also his son (my stepson) Makai as well. He's given me the family i've always wanted and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him.



My 2 year daughter ♥Jaleiah Renae Thomas♥
is my pride and joy. She's one of the most out of the box toddlers in the world and one of the smartest. She has a million questions, a million answers, and all the energy she can handle. She's a mini fashionista. She loves all that has to do with being girly and is a Dora Fanatic. She's mommy's little princess =).


October 14th 2009 - Felt Baby Move For 1st Time
November 6th 2009-My babys 1st huge kick
November 19th 2009- Drz Say They ThinkIt Might Be A Girl ( To Be Confirmed December 1st)
December 1st- Its a girl!! Officially lol I saw her buisness. Im so happy now I FINALLY know what she is. She weighs 1 pounds 5 ounces right now and is completly healthy! Thank god :)
December 10th- I went and had to drink some nasty glucose soda :?. But everything was great with my little girl and she's getting bigger:D Now im just waiting for the test results on my blood work!
December 21st- I bumped my tummy & started having REALLY bad pains. Went to the hospital & found out they were CONTRACTIONS :shock:! They kept me overnight to watch me and gave me fluids & shots to stop the contractions. But my daughter is okay. She was kicking up a storm though. I've been really sore lately. This sucks! Lol. I just cant wait til she gets here safe & HEALTHY!
January 6th-My doctor said that my daughter was healthy as ever. &'d she's also positioned herself into the birthing position :D. Sort of freaked me out. But if she decides to come early I just hope she comes healthy. I can't wait to meet her:)
January 20th- I am on bedrest since my daughter has dropped into my pelvis area to the point where my ob is concerned. She is hoping that bed rest will prolong my labor. Wish me luck. Im already sooooo bored!! Lol:roll:
Feburary 11th- I weigh 137 now:shock: Jaleiah is getting chubbier by the minute lol. They are saying from her position I am probably going to be delivering in about 3-4 weeks. But she's more than likely going to be an early baby :) Early but healthy. I can't wait to meet my fatt but omg :roll:Lol:)
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