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I'm Ashley 20 years old, engaged to the man of my dreams tall dark and handsome Erick Hernandez. I have one daughter Named Ava Annalise. I am TTC in a year from now after our wedding :D. If you want to lnow more just PT me write me a comment or PM. I would love to share with you my life.


Dec 4th, 2008 at 6pm my water broke!
About 6:10pm lost my mucus plug
6:30pm went to L&D w/ contractions 1min and 30 secs apart & was 4cm dilated
7pm was 7cm dilated w/ contractions 1min apart
8pm was 9cm dilated
8:30 pm was 10cm dilated but not fully thinned out
8:36pm began pushing
8:41pm my beautiful baby girl Ava Annalise Escamilla was born! :D
7 pounds & 14 Ounces
18 in a half inches long
My beautiful Chubby baby girl Ava!