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I'm so excited I do not even know what to say. I can not believe this is happening to me and I am so grateful! This is my page to share.

June 10 2008
Well, My husband and I have been waiting for the "right time" and that just never seemed like it was going to happen. I spent the first few years of my marriage helping my husband with his son from a previous relationship and there was a lot of, well let me just say "drama" :) along the way. I knew I wanted to have a child but his being in the middle of a big fight for custody with an unstable ex-girlfriend for over 2 years really just wasn't the time for me to enjoy being pregnant. That has been settled for over a year now and although there is still lots of "mama drama" at least our schedule has settled down and in December I went off of birth control and we started well, I'm not sure trying is the best way to describe it be we stopped trying NOT to get pregnant! :) In April we talked more seriously and actually planned a relaxing weekend and started paying attention to when we should be "trying" to consolidate our efforts. Then a little over a week ago I was late for my cycle by a week, was feeling sick with sore b**bs and decided to test. I had been late the month before so I was nervous that it was either great news or my cycle was about to start being irregular and it was going to be even harder to predict when I'd ovulate and geez was I already starting to worry. Lucky I did nothave to torture myself for too long, because the test was positive. Now all of the calculators tell me I'm almost 7 weeks and that I am due January 29, 2009. I guess this will be confirmed later by doctor? I go for my first doctor appointment on this Friday....

Friday, June 13th
My first appointment, which was basicly a consultation and a blood s*****g feast. They took 6 tubes of blood! I had my head turned while she was taking the blood, (I'm not a total whimp, but it really is easier not to watch for me) and when she was done and I looked over, it just came out, I was like, "Is all of that mine?!" She just laughed and said yes. My next appointment is June 23rd, I think that one will have a little more "action" because there will be the first ultrasound. Oh and a pap, how fun, always look forward to THAT!

Monday, June 23rd
WOW is all I can say right now. Wegot to see our little miracle today. And see and hear the hearbeat. And confirm my due date as January 27, 2009, the day after my birthday!

Thursday, July 24th
Second ultrasound. Heart BPM 153. Could not tell gender yet. Little one was very active, kept putting hands to face and stretching and resting and turning on side and back.

Monday, July 28th
And to further add to the "is it a boy or girl?" question, here is a fun test.....

Wednesday, August 27th
What a nice birthday gift for my husband, baby is growing fine, development is right on track, and we are having a BOY! I am so thrilled!! And my first It's a boy congrats from my BG girl, D~


Monday, September 1st
I'm finally realizing what I have been feeling for the last week is actual movement. I'm so excited to feel my baby boy moving around!

Saturday, January 3, 2009