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Age 31
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Interest Anything to do with music- dancing, singing, playing, writing, listening... golf, spending time with the hubby and family
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Due Dec 11, 2011
My name is Anna and I have one beautiful little girl born February of 09, Lyla Grace with my wonderful husband who I married May of 07. She has pretty much been the easiest first baby ever! I always joke that the next one will be a complete shock to us. She is so amazing- learning something new every day. I love being a mother!!

We found out Jan 9 that we are expecting another addition to the family mid- September. SOOO exciting!

I have made lots of things for Lyla just for fun and have recently started selling them on BG. Tutu/bow sets and crocheted hats are the two main things I have been selling. I have also made taggie blankets, custom bedding, bonnets, and cart/high chair covers. PM me if you have any questions or want to see pics!2m6mo9f.gif
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I'm a crafter and love to make and sell tutus, bows, baby bedding, bonnets, etc.
And I'm working on making and decorating cakes! Feel free to check out my work: