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Hi im Brandy, im a married 29 female with a2 yr old son Zander who was born September 10, 2006. I found out I was pregnant again June 4th and wasnt due again until Feb 7, 2009 . I went into full blown labor @ 25 weeks pregnant on 10/26/2008 had to have an emergency c-section My baby boy Trenton was born at 2:54am and weighed 1lb 12ounces the 2nd day he was in the NICU he had a stage 4 brain bleed which is the worst bleed, it was causing him to have seizures even after being heavily sedated and damaging his brain. Drs showed us his ultasrounds and explained to us that he was already brain damaged, would have no use of his legs limited use if any of his arms and would probably be deaf and blind. They told us they could keep him alive forever on the life support but he would never and had no chance of a "normal" life and recommended we take him off of the life support. We made an extremely hard choice and that was to not let our baby continue to suffer through the seizures and brain bleed and to not have a life of suffering so we took our son off of life support, I held my lil baby Trenton while he passed on 10/30/2008... I miss him so much already and continue to think about the what ifs and if we gave up too soon etc even after I had like 4 Drs tell me we made the right decision for our baby, I still feel guilty but yet I also have the visions of him laying there having seizures one right after another while I had my hands on him. Trenton is greastly missed but will always be alive and loved in our hearts. Mommy loves you lil boy and misses you soooo much. In may of 2012 I found out im pregnant again, when I went to my first OB appointment I found out I have an incompetent cervix. I had a cervical cerclage put in place 7/13/2012.