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On December 11, 2008 my husband and I welcomed our first baby into the world at 9:26 am. The happiest moment of either of our lives. Dexter was 7 lbs 6oz and 20.5 inches long.

I am the wife of a Marine. He is the love of my life and my hero. This year is going to be difficult with a newborn and a husband who is deployed but I have faith that we will all make it through ok.

Once Dexter gets a little older I will be going back to school to get my RN. It is has been my dream for a long time now to become a nurse, but starting my family is worth putting it off for a while. Any thing else you want to know just ask.


About You:

Name?: Stephanie
Age?: 19

About The Father:
Age?: 25
Are you still together?: Yes

About Your Pregnancy:
Is this your first pregnancy?: yes
When did you find out you were pregnant?: April 10, 2008
Was it planned?: Yes
What was your first reaction?: scared, but excited!
Who was with you when you found out?: Just me
Who was the first person you told?: Alan
How did your parents react?: Not good at first. But they are better now
How far along are you?: 25 weeks and 3 days
What was your first symptom?: Sore b**bs
What is your due date?: Dec 18th 2008
Do you know the sex of the baby?: yes
If so, what is it? Its a boy!!!!
Have you picked out names?:yes
If so, what are they?: His name is Dexter Welton
How much weight have you gained?: I think around 20
Do you have stretch marks?:
Yea... on my b**bs
Have you felt the baby move?: OMG yes! He kicks so hard
Have you heard the heartbeat?:Sure have

About the birth:
Home or hospital birth?:
Natural or medicated birth?: C-Section
Who will be in the delivery room with you?: Alan
Will you breastfeed?: yes
Do you think you'll need a c-section?:I know I will
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the first time?: Oh yea I will
What's the first thing you might say to him/her?: I love you!
Would you let someone videotape the birth?: I dont think you can with c-sections
Are you excited about the birth, or scared?:Excited!!!!