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<b>Phoebe's Story</b>:
<b>May 5, 2008:</b> Last NMP
<b>June 4, 2008:</b> 2 First Response HPT: Positive; 1 Clearblue Easy Digital HPT: Negative
<b>June 5, 2008:</b> 1 Clearblue Easy Digital HPT: Positive
<b>June 8-10, 2008:</b> Several random cheap HPT: All Positive
<b>July 25, 2008:</b> First CNM appointment. Heard the baby's heartbeat!
<b>August 22, 2008:</b> Second CNM appointment. Heard the baby's heartbeat again! This time much louder and stronger due to the baby's growth.
<b>September 17, 2008:</b> Third CNM appointment. Heard the baby's heartbeat again! Baby was active and gave us some good static while listening. Oh, and I even lost two pounds so this belly growth is nothin' but baby!
<b>September 23, 2008:</b> First Ultrasound - IT'S A GIRL!
<b>November 6, 2008:</b> First 3D Ultrasound - she's a cutie! My Mom flew into town to visit!
<b>November 8, 2008:</b> Baby Shower!
<b>February 12, 2009:</b> Phoebe Dawn arrives!

<b>Waly's Story</b>:
<b>July 14, 2010</b> : Last NMP
<b>August 10, 2010</b>: Positive HPT
<b>October 1, 2010:</b> First prenatal appointment. Could not hear heartbeat on doppler. Got a sonogram and saw the baby! Heart is beating and he or she is growing strong!
April 15, 2011: Scheduled c-section for breech baby. Walt arrives! No complications!

Baby #3's Story:
February 22, 2012: Surprise, Mama! Found out we were expecting!

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