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I am 32 years old. This is baby # 3. I am the mother of two little boys that keep my life very interesting to say the least. I know the gender of New Baby, but I am not supposed to tell. My husband and I have a bet going. I can keep this secret. Promise!

I am originally from Chicago. Poster child for inner city youth. Ha! I was lucky enough to get away and go to college where I first started to learn about what "real" life is all about. I have a B.S. and two Masters degrees although I still can't spell to save my life. :) I am a stay at home mom, and loving it!

I have been VERY happily married for the last 10 years. My husband just finished his doctorate in Higher Education and we are VERY proud of him!!!

We live at the edge of the Earth in Upper Michigan. It has given us so much perspective and a chance to really appreciate the beauty of life living up here. My whole outlook on life has changed and I have become a much more self-assured and peaceful person. There is not much room nor desire for excessive drama in my life and I find that those who deliberately look for mess make me genuinely sad. Sounds corny, but I have finally grown out of the hard exterior I used to wear on the streets of Chicago and found a peace in life that I did not know existed.

Wishing you all happiness and a happy healthy pregnancy.


OBOMAWIFELOVE.jpg?t=1222965782We had our baby on October 14, 2008. Guess what? It's a boy!!!! Now we have three wonderful sons and could not be happier. I am still the only princess in the house...just how I like it! :)

Here he is: