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--i'm always a mess. i can never keep my own secrets. i laugh too hard at stupid things. my favorite songs can make me cry. i always watch for 11:11, but i miss it more than i notice it. i live in the past, in the memories i have with the people i love - the people i lost. i hate thinking about reality & i'm so homesick that it's not even funny. but not homesick in a missing my home kinda way... maybe it's more like heartsick for all the things i can't get back. it's hard for me to define myself. i guess i'm just a cliche -- the girl who loved too hard & didn't get anything in return. <3

i'm not gonna lie, i'm not the best mom. i don't make the best choices & most times i'm clueless... but i wing it, & i guess we make it out alright. i went into this thing being a stupid tttc... seriously. i just thought babies were cute, they loved you, & i wanted one. now here i am, 3 years later & i'm so f**king amazed at everything i've learned, everything we've accomplished, everything we've gone through. i feel like i've grown up so much in these past 3 years... it's crazy. we've had good times & bad ones, we've laughed together, cried together, got into arguments (btw, never argue with a toddler. they always bring up old shit. :roll:), & loved harder than any two people i've ever seen. my daughter is all honesty, my best friend. as hard of a road as it's been so far, i wouldn't trade it for the world.