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I am 27 years old and live in the sunshine state. My husband and I went through a very devistating miscarriage on June 10, 2008 after 15 months of TTC. I was 9 weeks along when our baby grew its wings and became our angel. The second pregnancy definately didn't take 15 months to get a BFP! I am learning very quickly that all things happen according to God's will, and his will is sometimes different than mine. Our precious little lady was born August 14, 2009 weighing 8lbs 6oz and 23" long. She is my world.

Here we go again...

God's timing is perfect.....
- 3/15/11 1st BFP
- 3/16/11 2nd BFP (just had to double check it!)
- 3/28/11 1st appointment to confirm pregnancy and do routine cultures.
- 4/20/11 1st ultrasound - changed due date from 11/16 to 11/9.
- 5/24/11 HB150, very short visit, nothing else was done
- 6/13/11 hb 153. It's a boy!!
- 7/20/11 hb 140, measuring exactly 24 weeks. Will discuss c section at next appt.
- 8/18/11 hb was strong, measuring 31 weeks, but I'm actually 28. C section is on the calendar for November 3 if nothing changes. Now I go for a visit every 2 weeks.