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I have the best husband ever.He makes me laugh everyday, even when i dont want to smile! I love him.I have two children, kelsey and Tristan , and they are my world. My husband also has two children Andria and Blake. At times they are all a hand full! but after having this one we will literally have a 'HAND FULL'~!This will be our first child together. I am excited and scared at the same time. My "baby" is 7 years old, so it has been a very long time since i had a baby!!!

My husband and i LOVE to travel! We have probably been to at least 12 states and three countries in the past year!!! We have a load of fun meeting new people. He is very much a "people" person. He is so outgoing. We just recently bought our first home together, but will probably move within the next three years. I think we are both ready for a change in scenery with our jobs , etc.

I am pretty down to earth. Can get along with just about everyone. Although i am a little picky, and enjoy life's luxery! My husband recently took me camping in a tent! whoa! was that an experience or what!!!! BUt I am willing to do what makes my family happy.


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May 9, 2008: Conceived
May 24, 2008: Positive pregnancy test
June 23, 2008: FIrst doctor's visit. First ultrasound. One baby :)
July 25, 2008: Early Gestational Diabetes testing. Passed!
August 18, 2008: Downs syndrome testing: Negative! :)
September 22, 2008: Ultrasound! Baby is measuring one week ahead of schedule putting me due Jan 23.but doc is not changing due date. baby is weighing in at about 1pound and 5 ounzes. Daddy wants to keep the sex of the baby a surprize! we will wait until birth to share! :)
October 22, 2008: Baby's heart was152 BPM. Still measuring one week ahead of schedule. :) Gained way too much weight this month! :(
November 17, 2008: Baby's heart rate was 140-145. gained 6 pounds this month. Now i have to see the doc every two weeks! holy cow its getting closer! :)
December 1, 2008:measuring 32 weeks. I measure a week further along every visit! yay! :)
December 13, 2008: Me and hubby attended child birth class at the hospital and toured L&D.
December 15,2008: 33 wks 3 days. Measuring 35 weeks. I was a week ahead, now almost two! yikes. I thought this baby would be a little smaller than my other two, but no chance. LOL. Heart rate today was between 145-150. i gained 4 pounds in the last two weeks. Yikes! Next appointment on Dec. 29. We will begin exams then to check for dialation!
December 29,2008: 35 weeks 3 days. Measuring 37 weeks. We are still thinking i am due more around the 23rd. Did the Group Strep B test today. Checked for dialation, nothing yet. :( Next appt on Jan 8.
January 8, 2009: Happy New Year!!! :) WEll, went to the doc today. Dialated to a 1. DOc says much progress since last check. We are doing an ultrasound on the 15th to check baby's weight. Possible induction to be scheduled the week of the 19th! :) i measured 39 weeks today. Baby's heart beat in the 140's.