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My name is whitney. My husband and I are pregnant with our first baby. I had a miscarriage a little over a year ago. It was really hard for us to get over, but we decided to keep trying. On April 21 2008 I took a pregnancy test. We got the kind that comes with three in a box because I was testing so early. We honestly expected the test to come back negative. It was like 10 days before my missed period. But it was yet another month, where I "just knew" that I was pregnant. But that had happened every month for 6 months. Low and behold it was a positive!!!!!!!!! Now women dont go crazy, but I had been trying to quit smoking for a couple months and I happened to be smoking at the time of the test. I immediately threw the cig into the toilet and havent smoked since,. I know all of the health risks there are to the baby and trust me I love my baby way too much to risk anything, but part of me would give anything to be able to smoke during labor!!! But I do plan on having an unmedicated water birth. We found out that we were having a girl when I was 12 weeks pregnant and had it confirmed at 17 weeks and 20 weeks. At about 28 weeks I started having problems with preterm contractions. so now I am on bedrest and procardia until I get to 36 weeks. I am now 31 weeks!!!! So we need lots of anti labor dust!!! I do hope to give birth around 37 to 38 weeks, because I have been having these really strong and regular contractions for 3 weeks now and probably will have them until I deliver. My body is just so tired. I am pretty sure my midwife plans on inducing me at 37 1/2 weeks if I am still having these contractions. But since I am on bedrest I have plenty of free time, feel free to message me about anything. Or If you want to be my due date buddy!!!

kinda-3.jpg?t=1235794021Thanks Tantriclemons!!!^

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