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Interest I have alot of those lol, i love everything!!! Hehe....
Hey, my name is kasey sanders and i am from hartwell georgia. DONT bother writing me if you act like a "child" 1st off, it's immature and stupid, if you can't be nice thedont say nothing at all. Truths, if your a mom act like a mom. Im on here to speak to "women" not babies, no thanks, im having one of those i'd rather devote my time to, andif your offended over this then you need to get a life, i dont cause drama, i hate drama, but some of you LOVE it and i mean love it and im not the one for you sorry. Im here because im a proud mother, and to talk about my baby and see excitement and speak to others like that too, i dont judge nobody or say nothing mean less someonedoes me, if i do that then you deserve it, so its just best to keep drama out, and i speakfor all becauseididnt make a account for drama. If i wanted that id go mess with thepeoplein my town. So keep it away from me. Its notworth my time. Im a mom not a baby.I am engaged to my ex fiance from last year, he is in the army and his name is brandon. He went to iraq and we just had some issues, but dated others, but he's home, we talked awhile, and he is truely here and loves my son, i honestly could't ask for a better father figure than him, he is bright, smart, handsome and very, and uplifting and i am so happy with him and happy he's here for my son and cant wait to share this moment with him. I have natural blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, 5'4 and was 110-120, dark skin. I am now on april 29th 2008 23 weeks pregnant and i am due on aug. 21st of this year 08. My birthday is May the 17th. I model and i sell avon and help my father in his business and a family business as well, so 2, i rest alot and college for criminal justice. I am having a boy, his name will be braiden. I was with the father up until march 21st and walked out on me, i dont "feel" like talking about that because i have nothing to be sorry for but trying to be a family with him and he walked out on me for no reason and had a great thing, so its stressful some because he thinks he is doing so right and wants to have something to do with braiden but he is already missing out.....and will. But as for jeremy may god bless his soul, i go to church and i have a wonderful family and a very positive person and have alot of faith but i do not bother with people who have no respect. Sorry, but im young but im very mature for my age and thats one thing that dont float with me, i'm too nice and loving. I am a great person, bubbly, full believer and never doubt nothing anymore, i do not regret and i live life for what it is and what happens and go with it each day, i love to do all sorts of things as well and nothing fun i wouldnt do and probably nothing i wouldnt eat lol...i have a brother who is also my life and my best friend and a great father and mother and step father that i would not know what to do if i didnt have them in my life, their my best friends! I believe in god and have handed my life to him after the spilt, and i am now living a peacful life again and waiting on my son. Braiden kicks and hits soo much i just knew he was a boy, haha, but he has everything that i didnt and sooo many outfits but he is ready for when he comes. I'm very excited and cant wait and i know i dont deserve what has happened to me, neither does braiden, hopefully god will let the dreams i grew up knowing come true one day......i am very excited for my son because of my life and i take it very seriously and laid back because i let nothing phase me, im too happy. But until then i'm me and happy and friendly, and if there is anything people wants to know then just ask, because i could write forever because im soo open haha but i'll leave the rest for you. :) And dont be shy. Have a good day!


*Kasey Amanda Sanders*