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i have a little boy called jay...we all call him jay jay born 13/07/07. I am not with his father anymore. My current boyfried is amazing and i love him to pieces!!!After everything i've been through it's nice to find some happiness as my pregnancy was a nightmare being dumped when i was 32 weeks, not to mention i was completing myA/S levels at the time. I was due on the 3rd july but my little boy had to be induced as he would not show his little face, so he was eventually born a week after my 17th birthday,being able to say i had him when i was 17 feels so much better than 16..i used to feel ashamed walking down the street with my big baby bump, but i don't care now.

I'm was 18 on the 6th July so it's all legal now!...party party!:D well on my 'off' nights anyway. My pregnancy wasn't planned and i have strong opinions against girls deliberatly gettin pregnant at a young age even if some peoplemay think thats hypocritical but there is a definate difference between an accident and a CHILD going out and planning a pregnancy..its a lot tougher than you think. Not the responsibility but the fact you don't have a life anymore, as soon as you make a decision to keep a baby their life becomes your life. You can't go out spur of the moment,life begins to lack spontanaeity (spelling!?) so it can be depressing. Even though i have lot's of friend and a boyfriend it is difficult. You can't just go out to see them when you want or join in with the fun, you miss out. However i love my baby to pieces.