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i-am-making-milk.pngmjw9l.jpgb**bs-are-for-babies.pngMom of an 12 yo daughter and 9 yo son. My newest son was born August 1, 2009.
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2cmvfdj.jpg11-14-08 My BFP
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I asked for strength that I might achieve;
I was made weak that I might learn humbly to obey.
I asked for health that I might do greater things;
I was given infirmity that I might do better things.
I asked for riches that I might be happy;
I was given poverty that I might be wise.
I asked for power that I might have the praise of men;
I was given weakness that I might feel the need of God.
I asked for all things that I might enjoy life;
I was given life that I might enjoy all things.
I got nothing that I had asked for,
but everything that I had hoped for.
Almost despite myself my unspoken prayers were answered;
I am, among all men, most richly blessed.
12/4/08 - 1st appt and sono: Baby is measuring 2 weeks behind. I am not changing my EDD though because I know the only possible time it could have happened. My theory is that baby's early growth was stunted due to super high caffeine intake during a solo road trip to NY.
33xkepg.jpg12/9/08 - Spotting and bleeding, had a sono, baby measuring 10 days behind. Diagnosed with Subchorionic Hemorrhage.
july2009.jpg12/11/08 - Another appt. Heavier bleeding, some clots. Doctor is so nice. Things are still looking okay. Diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage.
JulyM.png12/15/08 - Bleeding tapering to light brown.
12/17/08 - Bleeding has stopped.
12/23/08 - OB interview, sono. No evidence of SCH. Heartbeat is 170. Healthy baby. Baby measuring 8 days behind.
july09.jpg1/6/09 My BFF had her twins today on their Daddy's birthday. Lucas and Jacob, I get to be an Auntie. P2.png2B.png1/7/09 First midwife appointment. Down 3 pounds. Doppler heartbeat found in the 170s.
July-mama.gif1/12/09 Nuchal Translucency, Measures 1.8, low risk. Heartbeat 173. Measuring 6 days behind. :). Baby was waving, jumping and had little legs crossed. Felt a tap from baby this morning while lying on my tummy. I am down 6 lbs from pre-pregnancy.
1/27/09 Genetic counseling appointment. Sonogram. Heartbeat was 163. Still down 5 lbs from pre-pregnancy. Decided to forgo most testing.
2/4/09 Midwife appointment. Gained a few pounds, still about a pound less than pre-preg. Cystic Fibrosis test was negative. Heartbeat was 154.
redwhiteanddue.gifdueinjuly-1.gif2/26/09 Anatomy scan. It is a BOY. Gained 1 pound since pre-pregnancy.
3/21/09 3D ultrasound - baby BOY was punching momma and s*****g his hands. He liked being all curled up in a ball and had his hands next to his face all the time. He is so cute.
3/26/09 Midwife appointment - All tests came back normal. Gained a total of 2.5 lbs pre-pregnancy. Heart rate was high 140s low 150s.
4/21/09 Happy Birthday Braeden!s9.png4/23/09 Last monthly appointment. Gained 8.5 lbs, total of 11 now. BP good, baby heart rate is 150. Took GD test. Hoping for a pass.
5/7/09 Appointments every 2 weeks now. No weight gain, measuring at 30 weeks. GD test normal, iron normal, blood counts normal. Garrett's heartrate at 153.
cooltext427447196.gifThank you ZOMBIE for the name g*****c above. :)
5/21/09 Gained 4 pounds since last appt but that also means 4 lbs in last 4 weeks overall since nothing was gained at last appt. Total 15 pounds this pregnancy. They say I am 30&3/7 but I know I am 32 weeks tomorrow, measuring at 32 weeks. (love to say I-told-you-so) Garrett's heartrate 150. Bought a pregnancy belt, wonderful relief from the rib pain. Midwife suggested taking a muscle relaxer to help the muscles not fight the chiropractor's adjustments. Gonna give it a try.
6/5/09 Midwife appt, 34 weeks according to me... 32 and a few days according to them, measuring 34-35. Pitting edema is awful in my feet and ankles. Midwife said to drink some caffeine to help as a diuretic. Love my hot-tub... helps so much with the swelling.
6/18/09 Midwife appt at noon and Hospital tour, 6pm, 36 weeks. All is good but hospital, not real pleased with it.
6/23/09 Yeast infection, sucks.
7/2/09 Midwife appt, total 23 lbs gained. Baby measuring 37-38 wks with a heart rate of 140. Fingertip dilated, 50% effaced.
7/10/09 Midwife appt. Just a quick measure, at 40 weeks now as far as measuring goes. Down a pound.
7/17/09 Midwife appt. Down another pound. Now measure 37 weeks, baby dropped more. No progress, about a 1cm, 50%. high and firm. Going to be pregnant forever I think. Cleaned the hottub, I love it so much. Going to have to ask for induction next week as my insurance expires July 31. EEEK. Edema not too bad anymore.
7/23/09 Next midwife appt.
8/1/09 Garrett is finally here. 8lb 10.6 oz (76.5%), 23in (99.9%)Here is the story: http://forum.baby-gaga.com/about726089.html
thnursingsilljb7.jpg8/4/09 2 day discharge check-up, Garrett only lost 2 ounces. He weighs 8lb 8oz (66.8%).
i-love-breastfeeding.png8/18/09 2 week check up. 9lb, 3.5 ounces (57.8%), 23 in (96.8%).
iheartbreastfeeding.jpg8/24/09 WIC checkup. 9lb 14oz (66.2%), 23 in (92.3%). I have lost 25lbs.
8/25/09 Eliana and Braeden went back-to-school.
8/27/09 Garrett smiled for the 1st time.
9/3/2009 My darling daughter Eliana turned 12. Time sure does fly.
12g.png9/9/09 Garrett won 2nd place in a contest on here. :D
288pcih.jpgribbon_silver_6w.gifa2w7bq.jpg10/5/09 Garrett giggled during tummy time on the boppy
ShellyandGarrett.jpgjuly-2009-2.gifExclusivebreastfeeding_1.jpgCutest1-1.jpggarrett3rd.png10/16/09 Garrett laughed at a store clerk.
10/20/09 Garrett's 2mo well child. 14lb 4oz (80.7%), 25.5in (95.4%), 17in head (94.7%)
ribbon_rosequartz_3m.gif11/02/09 Ear inflammation. 15lbs (81.5%)
11/24/09 Garrett's 3mo well child 15lbs 9oz
11/25/09 Garrett rolled belly to back
12/22/09 Garrett's 4mo well child. 15lb 12oz (49.5%), 26in (70.1%), 17.5 in head (88.1); he rolled back to belly and loves his Jumperoo and standing. Teaching him baby-signs.
12/25/09 Sweet potatoes, he loves them. Mom and I had to tag team feed him.
01/04/09 Bananas. Loves them.
1/?/10 Carrots, yummy
1/16/10 Green beans
1/17/10 Sits independently, has been intermittently signing MILK, understands MILK, MORE, DIAPER
1/21/10 Mimcs sounds
1/25/10 Mastered the sippy cup
1/28/10 The great Bumbo escape
ribbon_garnet_6m.gif2/1/10 6 months old, still breastfeeding
garrett.jpg5/1/10 - 9 months breastfeeding :)ribbon_rust_9m.gif7/27/10 - tooth #4
8/1/10 - 1 year breastfeeding, I just love the closenessribbon_gold_12m.gifcd-teal.pngsimilac-recall.gif