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I'm Miranda. I'm 21 years old. Mom to the best 4 year old little boy. Engaged to my best friend. Medical assistant. My life revolves around my son, my fiance & my job. I've been through alot in my short 21 years but I'm getting stronger & stronger everyday for my son.

I brought my beautiful baby boy into this world on January 16th, 2009. He weighed in at 8lbs 7.2 ounces and was 20 inches long. He loves cars, getting dirty & superheroes. He has a speech delay, & it makes it difficult for him, but his speech is getting better & better everyday.

251979_3286745300066_703160615_n.jpgI'm engaged to my best friend, Patrick Allen Lambert. I would be so lost without him. We've known each other for about 10 years (our moms were friends), some people say that it was just bound to happen, but if you ask me, I would have never seen it coming. He drives me crazy & sometimes I think I'm gonna kill him in his sleep (LOL) but it just fits. Maybe it's because he handles my crazy or because he makes me laugh uncontrollably, but I couldn't see my life without him. We've been together for 2 years (April 28, 2011) & recently got engaged (January 13, 2013). He is not my son's father, but he is his dad.

179185_3284129114663_1437935678_n.jpgThe not so fun stuff:
My son's dad is not involved in his life. The last time he saw him was January 30, 2012 & he really makes no effort to see him, well, he hasn't for pretty much his whole life. It used to really bother me, I would do everything I could to make his life easier to see his son, but at the end of the day, I really don't think he cares. It breaks my heart that someone can not want to be involved in such an amazing kid's life, but it's his decision & I can't live my whole life trying to force him to be a parent. He recently joined the Army, so I get child support & health insurance through that, but by no means does that make it okay that he's not around.

May 16th;; Find out. [5 at home tests say positive.]
June 9th;; Tell my mom and whole family finds out. Also went to the doctor and confirmed pregnancy. [Family wayy more understanding then was expected.]
July 1st;; Appointment; Finally, the first appointment. Heard the heartbeat, everything's normal.
July 15th;; Appointment; Blood work came back normal, heartbeat still sounds good.
August 12th;; Appointment; Sent in for the blood work to see my risk of having a child with a birth defect, heartbeat sounds good. :]
August 14th;; Ultrasound appointment; First ultrasound [FINALLY!] and saw he was a very proud boy. :] About 7 ounces, 161bpm, and a very big head. Lol.
August 15th;; Felt real kicks. :]
September 9th;; Appointment; Heartbeat normal, blood work is normal.
October 7th;; Appointment; Heartbeat good, but gained 9 pounds this month!
November 4th;; Appointment; Heart beat good, only gained 3 pounds yay! Glucose test.
November 5th;; Signed up for my epidural.
November 18th;; Appointment; Glucose test came back great and heartbeat is good. Happy Birthday to me! I have a healthy baby! Lol.
December 2nd;; Appointment; Heartbeat is better then ever and everything is so great. :]
December 16th;; Appointment; Checked for dilation, not dilated at all. :( But his head is down, so that's good. :) Samples taken for checking for STDs and such. Appointments will be every week now!
December 23rd;; Appointment; Everything went great!
December 30th;; Appointment; Everything is good still.
January 6th;; Appointment; About 1 cm dilated.
January 12th;; Appointment; DUE. Still no more progress, induction planned.
January 14th;; Go in at midnight for induction.
January 16th;; He's finally comes via C-section, healthy and CUTE as can be.
January 18th;; Get to bring him home already! :D