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so I'm expecting again!! Baby #2. I'm really excited. So far, I've been so so so sick with this one. I barely keep any food down. I've lost 10 pounds. I'm just at my wits end with this 'morning sickness' which seems to last all day! Blah. Hopefully, it will go away soon.
Olivia is getting so big now, she's 18 months old. She is super smart, and active. I love her very much. I currently work full time while my husband stays at home. He's a SAHD..haha. As much as he loves to do that he really wants to get back out into the work world, but with the way things are, it's been tough. He's applied to sooo many jobs, and we've got nothing. But c'est la vie.

Baby # 2 update:

July 28th 2010- Took test--prego!
August 30th 2010- drs appt 8 weeks
August 31st 2010- saw lil peanut for the 1st time
September 27th2010- heard heart beat
October 28th 2010 - I get to find out BOY OR GIRL!