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bubbles1.jpgmy name is sarah and im married to a marine. we have been married since Oct 13th,2007.we live in the beautiful state of north carolina, but i am orginally from Mississippi. me and my hubby have a lil boy who is 3 that was born in dec, and got pregnant with baby # 2 and i miscarried on monday march 21st 2011 , i will always wonder if that baby was a boy or girl, what it looked like, but something wrong and god called our baby home.
expecting_a_blessing.gifWe found out that we are expecting again with baby # 3 after my miscarriage from last year in 2011. I still consider that baby , even though it only ended at 2 wks to be part of me and that is y i say we were expecting baby #3. I am really excited and hoping all goes well with this one.

Pregancy #3