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Well like the sticky says above, I'm Christina! I an 21 years old a wife and mom to a two year old and a 1 year old, and soon to be baby #3, yes baby number 3 shocking I know! Well it seems my birth control pills failed me, and dont even think that I got pregnant on purpose, I took them dang things religiously! Well after this one my husband is going for the *snip snip* yep the BIG V! I am a paralegal student about halfway finished with the schooling. I love my kids and the husband of course! My daughter Eulaya is my Little Diva Princess Tomboy, she likes Girlie things but she also likes her Dinosaurs, cars, frogs, and anything dealing with the outdoors! She changed my life when I first met her back in October of 2008, That was my first feel with Love at first sight, dont get me wrong I love my husband, but it wasnt love until we went out a couple of times, my second dose came in February 2012, with my little Prince Charming came into this world, we had a rough start with him, he spent the first 10 days of his life in the NICU struggling, it was like a step forward then two steps back, but he made it through, he is now a healthy one year old that LOVES women, especially their b**bs, no joke! He is my little comedian and he is such a cuddle bug, well I found out I was pregnant with Number 3 on, March 18, 2011, at a friends house, I had to go through 8 test that all came out positive to really believe it! Well if you want to know anything else, just asked! I am up for any parent tanked's that comes my way!!