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My name is Heidi (27) and I am married to a wonderful man Ashley(24) he is in the Army Reserves and we have 3 kids 2 of which are not his but he takes care of them like they are his and I think that take a very special person to take care of someone elses kids, because he was only 20 when we started dating then he went to Iraq and we got married 8-20-05 and we had our beautiful little girl on July 14th 2006 @ 9:40AM In Nashville Tn, she weighed 5lb 4 1/2 oz the dr said she would wieght about 7 and I was wondering what the heck happened , but then I relized she left it with her momma!! hehehe. Well I have been thru 3 labors & deliveries and one miscarriage, 2 of the labors I did with just a shot of nubain and staydal(how ever u spell them) and then with my middle daughter I had NOTHING!! and I survived so if anyone out there wants to talk about anything even just life I could really use some friends, cause I'm a stay at home mom and get very bored!!! Hope that everything goes GREAT with your pregancy and hopefully we will talk soon!!

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Well on March 4th 2009 after 2 hours of labor and barely making it to the hospital, Lily McKenna Hopper was welcomed into the world @ 3:30am 7lbs 4.5oz 19.5 inches long. I am so in love with her.
Lily right after delivery.
Heidispictures194.jpgHeidispictures196.jpgMommy and Lily right after delivery, lookin a little crazy but I did it all natural!!!
Daddy and LilyHeidispictures197.jpglilyscake004-3.gif Lily's 1st contest and she WON 1st place!!!Yay Lily
Lilyssiggy.jpgLily and DylanBG boyfriend and Girlfriend!!! arent they cute??!!!

Cutest toddler girl- 3rd place Briley!!

A siggy for Daddy and Lily--- thanks Rosie
lilydaddy.jpgthe first conest i won for my cake!!
1cake.jpgLily 1st place Rawr Im frankenstine!!
365240734.jpgLily 2nd place cutest baby givin the finger
Daddy and Briley