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Age 30
Gender Female
Status Married
Work full time mommy n wife
Location Casa Grande, Arizona
Interest spending time with my lil princess
Kids 1
TTC Since Dec 31, 2007
Sabrina - 25 Jesus - 25 Querida- 3 1/2
06/20/08 - fell in love with my best friend
10/10/06 - DH asked why i didint get my AF yet
10/11/06 -BFP beautiful suprise
05/28/07 - our lovely princess Querida was born 6lbs. 13oz. perfect!
08/08/07- married the love of my life
05/2008 - Dr. appt. ... irregular periods, trouble trying to concieve
11/2008 - Still having problems very irregular periods, mood swings, hair loss and some sharp pains in abdomen, bloodwork shows PCOS *started on Metformin twice a day 500mg*
12/2008 - Ultrasouns to check for cysts , have lost 6lbs! 12/2008 - Dermoid cyst found, scheduled for surgery for removal
12/26/08 - Diagnostic Laproscopy also Oophorectomy (removal of right ovary ovary)
10/2009- still TTC started to see new Dr she discovered i had Hypothyroidisim along with the PCOS
12/2009-10/2010- hard months for me was going thru depression
12/12/2010- first round of clomid (anxious, really want it to work but dont want to get my hopes up)
i took the clomid on cycle day 3-7 (12/12-12/16) experienced pretty bad headache within hour after taking pill
12/22-12/26- experienced nausea randonmly throught day some foods and smells really bothered me (thought maybe i was pregnant from last cycle)
12/26- BFN
12/27- 6:00pm started having sharp pains on left side of abdomen felt crampys and in pain then around 2:00am all pain was gone
(on 12/30 cd21 i go for my labs to see if i ovulated (crossing fingers hope i did)

meds i take daily
Prenatal- 1xday
Levothyroxin 125mcg- 1xday
Metformin 500mg- 3xday
Bupropion 150mg- 2xday
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