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So I might look young but I am 24 years old and a kindergarten teacher--- yeah sometimes I don't know how I do it either LOL. I have a beautiful baby girl who graced us with her presence 32509 and all I do is for her.

Just recently 0124 we found out we are pregnant :) Now I'm back with all the questions, pictures, vents, and what nots :)




born March 25.2009. 7 lbs 10 ounces!20 inches long!

They are my world and i will show the world to my baby girls.





~old updates from my pregnancy with Nayeli~
9/3: saw peanut for the first time- first ultrasound
9/22: Carlos and I heard the heartbeat, over 146 beats per second
10/1: met Dr.Sutton and Mom heard the heartbeat

11/5: Second ultrasound- its a girl!! 156 per second. everything is normal and she is super active but happy :)
11/11:another checkup
11/25:got food poisoning but we're ok
12/2:check-up.everythings great after FP
12/23:scheduled to check glucose levels.
1/15: sono Nayeli measured at 3 lbs exactly
1/27: dr appt- all is well and
2/10: dr appt- diagnosed with PUPPS
2/21: Baby shower- HUGE success. 65 + people. such a blessing!

2/24: Hospital Tour
2/27: Dr appt
3/6: Dr appt
3/7: all about labor marathon & lamaze
3/10: Aunt Marias Bday! Dr appt cause I couldnt stand the itching anymore- put on Medrol Steroids. cervix is still closed, had mild contractions while on monitor for 25 minutes.
3/18: Dr appt- cervix still closed. baby is still active. bloodwork to check my liver
3/20: checked into L&D. cervix thinning out finally!dialated half a cm had to go to ER... diagnosed with pink eye, a severe throat infection and cholestasis of pregnancy ( my liver enzymes are too high) weighed in at 132 lbs
3/23: emergency appt. called in to discuss results of cholestasis
3/24: going to be admitted and start induction process at 39 wks 3 days
3/25: Nayeli Marie is born!!

3/29: DUE date.

our wins!





updates.png1/24: found out we were expecting!
5/9: found out IT'S A GIRL!!